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The greatest change has been higher quality access for outside providers, as well as mobile access for our in-house providers who are now able to open high-quality images in the room with the patient.

IT DirectorFamily Care Clinic

84% of organizations agreed with the following statement: "Exa requires minimal network load for increased bandwidth throughput."

TechValidate survey of 19 customers of Konica Minolta Healthcare IT

Exa has speeded up our workflow.

Radiology TechnicianOrthopedic Clinic

Able to perform studies with more efficiency.

Michelle DeVriesOffice ManagerEnvision Diagnostic Center

Increased our efficiency, and has allowed for better care of our patients.

PhysicianOrthopedic Urgent Care Centers

Exa has allowed us to integrate multiple facilities into one easy location for quick reading at any site. It simply has allowed us to read more with less manpower.

RadiologistTeleradiology Company

Radiologist workflows have increased dramatically! Overall, system costs have been reduced because of server-side rendering.

Randy RobinsonIT DirectorRadiology Imaging Solutions

Exa has provided both flexibilities in use and simplicity in management.

Craig MccallIT DirectorJasper Health Services

78% of organizations agreed with the following statement: "Exa provides radiologists with faster access to images for quicker decisions."

TechValidate survey of 18 customers of Konica Minolta Healthcare IT