Konica Minolta’s Exa Platform has an integrated billing module with full revenue cycle management features. The main focus of the EXA RIS/Billing modules is to help you file a clean claim the first time!

  • Send electronic claims to any clearing house and receive electronic payments
  • Fast claim coding with the radiology report available on a secondary monitor

Exa Billing, like the other modules on the Exa Platform, benefits from Zero Footprint Viewing and Server Side Rendering. The Zero Footprint viewing allows for access to the billing software from any web-enabled device, regardless of operating system or browser. While with billing, there are no large medical imaging files to manage, the Server-Side Rendering technology facilitates the ability to use existing, possibly older computers without taxing the hardware; as the server is doing all of the work to retrieve billing data.

The Exa Billing module shares the same integrated database as the other modules on the platform to simplify patient data entry and reduce the possibility of discrepancies in data. It can be used as a standalone module or configured with other modules from the Exa Platform seamlessly.

It is ideal for use in Imaging Centers, Women’s Imaging Facilities, and Mobile Imaging Providers.