EXA Products

Konica Minolta’s Exa Platform offers a unique and unparalleled software solution to manage medical imaging and patient data across the healthcare spectrum.

Exa’s products including, PACS, RIS, specialty viewers, and Billing all enjoy the distinct benefits of speed, security, and access, due to advanced features like Server-Side Rendering, Zero Footprint viewer, and a single integrated database across modules.

Single Integrated Database

Konica Minolta’s Exa platform offers a truly integrated user experience. Since the patient chart is unified across all modules, whenever a change is made to a patient or exam record, the updated information is automatically reflected across the entire platform’s data set.

Server-Side Rendering = Speed

The Exa Platform’s Server-Side Rendering means the server is doing all of the work instead of each individual workstation. DICOM data does not need to transmit to each workstation because it is all done at the server. There is no prefetching required and this results in fast access regardless of the internet connection. You can now immediately receive all relevant data that is desired by the physician, rather than prefetching all data and slowing connection speeds. Server-Side Rendering enables system speed regardless of the larger file sizes from newer acquisition modalities. Server-Side Rendering also helps to reduce the workstation hardware technical requirements, because the server is taking on the workload of image rendering. This will extend the performance of existing PCs.

Zero Footprint Viewer

Exa’s diagnostic Zero Footprint (ZFP) viewer offers full diagnostic toolsets and viewing capabilities from any computer. ZFP allows for immediate viewing on any consumer grade PC with no downloads, plugins or installations necessary. Software updates are now implemented across all users instantly through the centralized software.


Securing patient data is of the utmost importance. At Konica Minolta we are dedicated to keeping your critical information safe from vulnerabilities. With no data transferred to or stored on workstations, Exa minimizes unwanted exposure to patient data, while still allowing immediate easy access.